Comparisons with original mar response to ‘Maestro’

‘Maestro’ has started drawing invariable comparisons with ‘Andhadhun’ (Hindi). While a large section of the Telugu audience haven’t watched the original, almost all film critics have. 

More importantly, the movie is an OTT release and not a theatrical release. Those who are watching ‘Maestro’ on Hotstar are most likely to have watched ‘Andhadhun’. So, there is little chance of the Nithiin-starrer escaping comparisons. Had it been a theatrical release, by now, any number of audience members would have said that they hadn’t watched the original.

Director Merlapaka Gandhi is being criticized for watering down the genre (read dark comedy). Casting Nabha Natesh has also not gone down well with many, especially the fans of Radhika Apte.

There are those who are criticizing ‘Maestro’ for being too faithful. At the same time, there are others who are slamming it for not being true to the original.

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