Congressman says Covaxin has calf serum, experts weigh in

Gaurav Pandhi of the Congress party’s digital team has quoted an RTI response as saying that the Narendra Modi government has admitted that COVAXIN consists Newborn Calf Serum. In his tweet, he added that the Serum is a portion of clotted blood obtained from less than 20-days young slaughtered cow-calves.

Calling it heinous, he added that this information should have been made public before. The quoting of the RTI response in a distorted way has come in for criticism. Scientist and commentator Anand Ranganathan asked Pandhi to delete the tweet. He said that COVAXIN does not contain Calf serum as alleged. Furthermore, the scientist said that calves are not slaughtered for making the vaccine.

In a tweet, Ranganathan added, “Calf serum is used only for growing cells to make more of the virus. This information is already in the public domain since September 2020.” 

Several Netizens alleged that the Congress party is trying its best to promote vaccine hesitancy among Hindus, who worship cow as holy. 

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