Corona vaccines were arrived in Telangana

Last night, 4 lakh doses of Covid vaccine arrived in Telangana from Pune. No vaccine has been given to those who come to the centre on the ‘walk-in’ since yesterday.  The doctors said the vaccine will only be given to those who have registered with CoWIN and Arogya Sethu apps. The officials are clearly mentioning that vaccines will not be given to anyone who comes directly to the centre.  

With the vaccine shortage, the ‘walk-in’ vaccination drive seems to have been cancelled. Until recently, up to one and half a million recipients were vaccinated daily. Now people are struggling with self-registration. People above the age of 45 are coming and leaving the centres with disappointment after doctors saying the Covid jabs will be given only to the registered.  

In Telangana, Corona cases have been increasing drastically. In the state, Warangal is said to be the worst hit. It is said to be the major contributors to Covid cases in the state.  As per the health ministry, Telangana reported 6,876 new cases, 59 deaths and 7,432 recoveries on 3rd May.  79,520 active cases in the state.

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