Covid effect: 5 years jail to those who repatriate to Australia from India

After two people have reached Australia via Doha circumventing travel bans from India in a loophole, Health Minister Greg Hunt imposed a strict law to stop the spread of Covid-19.  This law makes the repatriation of Australians are illegal from other countries.

Under the Biosecurity act,  it would be a crime for anyone to return to Australia if they have been in a high-risk country like India 14 days before arriving. This act will come into effect from tomorrow midnight.

If violates, a penalty of 5 years imprisonment or a $66,000 fine, as per 9 News Australia. At Present, more than 9000 Australian citizens were in India including the cricket players who were here to play the IPL tournament. The Australian government hints out that they will restart the repatriation of flights as soon as possible. 

Until then, whoever Australian citizens in India has to stay here only. If anyone braves to repatriate to Australia from high contaminated nations will have to pay a fine or face detention for 5 years.

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