Covid patients vacated the hospital and rushed to Krishnapatnam for Anandaiah’s medicine

The Ayurvedic medicine of Anandaiah has been heard loudly for the past few weeks. There have been testimonies given by some as they have cured of Covid after they had taken his medicine.

These words reached all over Nellore. Today, nearly 50-60K rushed to Krishnapatnam to take Anandaiah’s medicine. As per Revathi tweets, an entire ward of the covid patients in Nellore GGH has vacated and rushed to Krishnapatnam.

The situation at Krishnapatnam is alarming as to whether it is a magical remedy or whatever it may be. People have been seen in long queues without wearing masks and social distancing. After witnessing this, experts claim that no need to be surprised if this may lead to the third wave of Corona.

After reviewing the situation in Krishnapatnam, AP CM YS Jagan has decided to send the ICMR team to Nellore. The team is going to study Anandaiah’s drug which is being promoted as an antidote to corona. In the meeting, AP ministers and officials have discussed Anandaiah’s medicines. Afterwards, Minister Alla Nani said that the CM had ordered to send the ICMR team to Nellore. The team is expected to leave this evening.

As per Revathi tweets, Anandiah makes concoctions with ingredients like ‘Tokha miriyalu’-cubeb pepper that is given as eye drops! There are many variants of medicine that supposedly work on everything from clearing lung congestion to improving O2 levels!

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