Cricket in Los Angeles 2028 Olympics!

The talks of including cricket in the Olympics have been hearing for many years but nothing has been finalised. The main reason behind this is that most Olympic hosting nations don’t have cricket grounds except for UK, Australia.

Most of the countries have football grounds that had the highest viewership across the globe. Due to the unavailability of cricket grounds in most countries, the decision over including cricket in Olympics has been delaying for years.

Again after Tokyo Olympics 2020, many voices have been hearing to including Cricket in it. The ICC also confirmed to push the bid for Cricket in the Olympics. The USA and BCCI also confirm to support the bid.

BCCI General Secretary Jay Shah confirmed that India will play in the Olympics if it is included. ICC is aiming to bid for Los Angeles Olympics 2028.

If it succeeds, most likely Cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics and only T20s will be allowed.

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