Curbs on burning crackers will kill Hindu traditions: Netizens

It is no secret that curbs on the manufacture, sale and burning of firecrackers are getting intense in India. Already, States such as Delhi, West Bengal, Odisha and Punjab have issued guidelines regarding the same. The issue has become an emotive one, with many Hindus arguing that only Hindu festivals have been targeted in the name of controlling pollution or Covid-19, while no other group activity is curbed using unreasonable restrictions. 

A view is gaining traction that the ban on burning crackers during Diwali will kill Hindu traditions. It’s argued by many who are in favour of the ban that Diwali is not about burning firecrackers and there is more to it. However, those against the ban have a counterargument. 

Columnist Hardik Rajgor’s view captures the anti-ban argument. “Children love Ganesh Chathurthi and Diwali because they get to dance, eat sweets and burst crackers. They are “fun” festivals. And it is because children have fun, that they probe about the Gods and their stories. Kill that, and you will kill tradition within a couple of generations,” he writes. 

Several Netizens are attacking governments run by different political parties for “endlessly targeting” Hindu festivals. 

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