D Suresh Babu opens up on anti-OTT stance

Recently, the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce urged the film producers not to release any movies on OTT until October. Producer D Suresh Babu, who is said to have decided to release ‘Drushyam 2’ and ‘Virata Parvam’ (along with his partners) directly on OTT, has made his stance clear on the issue.

The Suresh Productions supremo has said that producers are facing their own set of challenges due to the pandemic-induced lockdown. “If the exhibitors who are facing heavy losses want all films to be released on in theatres directly, the producers, too, have their own problems. Ideally, it should be left to the stakeholders to take a call on what they should do,” Babu said.

The exhibitors and distributors want no direct OTT releases for the next few months. They are also claiming the support of heroes. 

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