‘Dear Megha’: Can it repeat the magic of the original?

‘Dear Megha’, not many know, is a remake of ‘Dia’. Set to hit the cinemas on September 3, the film is directed by A Sushanth Reddy.

‘Dia’, the Kannada movie, had released in 2020. It was a critically acclaimed romantic drama, with some critics giving it a 4-star rating. When such moving, poignant movies are remade, a lot of it gets lost in translation. 

But the makers of ‘Dear Megha’ are confident. For one, the songs have come out really well. For another, the audience are slowly coming back to theatres and they haven’t watched a love triangle in years. 

Megha Akash, Arun Adith and Arjun Somayajula headline this romantic drama, whose music is by Gowra Hari. 

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