‘Dear Megha’ makers keep remake talk under wraps

‘Dear Megha’, starring Megha Akash in the role of a lover girl, is directed by second-time director A Sushanth Reddy. Arun Adith is its main hero. The romantic drama is a remake of ‘Dia’ (Kannada), but the makers are not interested in disclosing the fact as of now.

“We are not willing to talk about it. Once the movie releases (on September 3), it’s for the people to draw conclusions,” producer Arjun Dasyam of Vedansh Creative Works today said.

Starring Arjun Somayajula as the other hero, ‘Dear Megha’ will clash with ‘101 Jillala Andagaadu’ this Friday. Its music is by Gowra Hari.

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