Delay in KGF-2’s release won’t be a negative: Prashanth Neel

Director Prashanth Neel has said that the undue delay in the release of ‘KGF 2’ won’t be a problem. The epic action movie was supposed to release last year. And it is not going to hit the cinemas, in all probability, on July 16. 

The filmmaker said that there is a reason why ‘KGF 2’ will feel fresh no matter when it arrives at theatres. “The story is universal, and since it is a period movie, and not in tune with the present, it will automatically feel fresh, whenever it is released,” he told Cinema Express. Totally makes sense. 

The director refused to talk about his remuneration in the interview. He didn’t elaborate on ‘Salaar’, starring Prabhas. The director commented that he doesn’t get to pick the likes of Prabhas and Jr NTR, who are all seniors to him in the industry. “They choose to work with me rather,” Neel remarked. 

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