Delhi CM announces door-to-door vaccination

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said that his government will be launching a campaign named ‘Jahan Vote, Wahan Vaccination’. As part of the new campaign, vaccine-seekers will be asked to visit their designated polling stations to get vaccinated. 

Besides, a door-to-door vaccination drive will be launched soon. By mid-July, everyone above the age of 45 will receive vaccination in the State, the APP chief iterated. 
The door-to-door vaccination campaign comes across as an enticing idea, given that people are finding it hard to stand in queues. Also, there is vaccine hesitancy and people may not be inclined to travel to receive vaccine given this.

That said, as per columnist Arihant Pawariya, the door-to-door drive could potentially increase vaccine wastage. “A vial contains 10 doses and they have to be used quickly after you open it. At this stage, priority should be given to those who really want and are lining up to get it,” he writes. He opines that setting up camps in villages, large housing complexes, and at metro stations would be a better idea. 

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