Delhi government to start ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ campaign again

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s government has been doing everything to reduce pollution in the state. For this, it has been initiating new campaigns.

In the past, Kejriwal proposed the ODD/EVEN system and it became a success. As per this initiative, the vehicles with Odd and Even number plates would be used on alternate days.

Now, the Delhi government started the initiative called ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’. As per this initiative, when the red light is on at the traffic signals, every vehicle engine should be stopped. Last year, it was implemented successfully.

Now it will be started again from 18th October officially. Mr Kejriwal wanted the Delhi people to implement this initiative from today itself despite it will start officially on 18th October.

He also suggested the people use public transportation like metro, bus etc., followed by sharing vehicles with others at least once in a week to curb the pollution levels in the city as well as save the fuel.

And he is also wanted the Delhi people to download the Green Delhi app and complain about anything that causes severe air pollution like burning waste, vehicles and industries etc.,

After receiving the complaint, their team will reach the spot and stop the source of pollution.

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