Delhi is ready to face third wave

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that there are possibilities for Covid third wave in the country. He said their government was ready to face it on a war footing even if the third wave came. He said, “We pray that the third wave does not come.  If it comes, Delhi is ready to fight together”. There is a fear of the third wave is clearly visible in the UK as there are cases on the rise.  He also added,” We shouldn’t be lethargic in this context”.

Speaking at a virtual event on the occasion of the inauguration of 22 new PSA oxygen plants in nine hospitals across Delhi, Kejriwal said that their fight against Covid was further intensified with the arrival of new oxygen plants in nine hospitals in Delhi. The Chief Minister lauded the people of Delhi for facing the second wave together and for successfully controlling Covid with discipline. He also thanked the industrial sector for joining the struggle.

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