Dia Mirza trolled for ‘lying’ on meat-eating habits

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza, who is a supporter of the world-famous PETA, has been trolled by Netizens for saying that we have to do something to put less carbon in the atmosphere. When someone asked the actress what she has done so far on her part, Dia said that she has stopped eating non-veg. 

Addressing her “trolls”, Dia Mirza then tweeted that she grew up eating meat but decided to stop and switch to a plant-based diet. She also said that she doesn’t impose her food choices on anyone, also confessing that she cooks meat for family and friends.

This is when several Netizens pointed out that Dia has failed to convince her own family and friends but is trying to campaign to change the world. She was allegedly a non-vegetarian till a couple of years ago. A social media user wrote, “You are doing so-called activism since 2010 but at least till 2019 you were eating non-veg (source: your interview to Pune Mirror, May 2019). Took 9 years to realize that it counts to carbon footprint?” 

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