Dil Raju backs romantic thriller ‘ISHQ’

‘ISHQ’ is all set to hit the cinemas on July 30. The news is that Dil Raju has backed the remake, which stars Teja Sajja and Priya Prakash Varrier in lead roles.

Speaking at the film’s pre-release event, Raju suggested that he decided to support the movie because of his decades-long friendship with RB Chowdhary, Vakada Anjan Kumar, NV Prasad and Paras Jain. If RB Chowdhary is presenting the movie, the latter three have produced it.

The ace producer is said to be ensuring that ‘ISHQ’ gets a good release. The film’s only competitor is ‘Thimmarusu’, which is also a thriller (although of a different kind).

Although ‘ISHQ’ is the remake of a Malayalam movie, its run-time is crisp (at 115 minutes).

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