Director’s daughter Syamani aspiring to become heroine

Syamani has been seen in Telugu-language YouTube web series and short films for the past couple of years. She is the daughter of yesteryear star director K Vijay Bhaskar of ‘Nuvvu Naku Nacchav’ and ‘Malleswari’ fame.

In a recent interview, her husband Ravi Siva Teja (aka Swamy), the YouTube comedian, revealed that she is aspiring to become a female lead in films. “She is already hunting for roles. My wife is a beautiful girl and I hope she makes it big in the film industry one day. I have no objection to her doing films. She admires Allu Arjun a lot. If luck is on our side, one day, Syamani could well act opposite him. I would like to be optimistic,” Ravi said. 

The Ravi-Syamani duo met at a gym in 2015 and fell in love with each other before the former knew that the latter is the daughter of Vijay Bhaskar. They got married in 2019. 

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