Doctor Octopus returns in Spider-Man No Way Home

Finally, the much-awaited teaser trailer of Spider-Man No Way Home is out. The teaser trailer depicts the core point of the film and how Spider-Man’s wish to erase his identity as Peter Parker will lead to the multiverse concept with the help of Doctor Strange.

How come people know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man? And what leads to Peter Parker deciding to erase his identity? How do the actions of both Peter Parker and Doctor Strange lead to the multiverse? Why? To know answers to all these questions, you’ll have to wait till 17th December 2021.

Due to the multiverse concept, Doctor Octopus has returned after 2004. In Spider-Man 2(2004), Doctor Octopus was sunk in a black hole due to a nuclear reaction. He sacrificed himself to destroy the experiment at the end of Spider-Man 2. Now, he is back in Spider-Man No Way Home.

Green Goblin also returns in this film. For this film, fans across the globe have been eagerly waiting. Expect a huge box office storm after its release across the globe.

In this film, more thrills are awaiting for the fans.

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