DRDO issues guidelines on 2DG use

The DRDO on Tuesday issued guidelines related to the administration of its 2DG medicine, which was recently approved for use by Covid-19 patients. The DRDO said that the drug has to be given under the care and prescription of doctors. 

Issuing specific directions for the usage of the drug, the organization said that 2DG has been approved for emergency use as an adjunct therapy. The drug is meant for patients with moderate to severe symptoms. It can be given for a maximum of 10 days. Doctors have to prescribe it as early as possible. 

Caution has to be exercised in the case of some patients, such as diabetics. Patients below the age of 18 and pregnant/lactating women can’t be given the drug. 
The anti-COVID drug has been priced at 990 per sachet. 

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