Drug Controller General of India permits the mixing of Covaxin and Covishield

Despite several corona vaccines have been discovered and utilized, still, there was no assurance how effectively all these could fight against different mutants. Whatever vaccines using to fight Corona are not 100% effective, only gives some resistance.

Many companies have been busy ascertaining new ways to deal with different variants of Corona. The Cocktail drug is also introduced which is a combination of two different drugs. The government of India has permitted the Cocktail drug. Some hospitals have been using it.

Now, the Drug Controller General of India has been permitted to study on mixing of Covishield and Covaxin. On Tuesday, Dr V K Paul, Niti Aayog during a press briefing has been granted permission for a research study by CMC Vellore (Tamil Nadu) on the mixing of vaccines doses.

A study by ICMR on a group of people who accidentally received both Covishield & Covaxin doses in a village in Uttar Pradesh shows that a combination of vaccines elicits better immunogenicity than two doses of the same vaccine.

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