Eatala Rajender to resign as MLA!

It is learned that preparations have been completed for former minister Eatala Rajender to join the BJP on the 8th of this month.

He is expected to resign as the TRS party’s candidate as well as an MLA on Friday. The party leaders say the TRS is planning to suspend Mr Eatala before submitting his resignation.

After coming from Delhi, Eetala consults with his followers. BJP leaders say former MLA Yenugu Ravinder Reddy and Karimnagar former ZP chairman Uma are joining the BJP. According to party sources, Eatala Rajender, who met the BJP leadership, will arrive in Hyderabad on Thursday. It is learned that he went to Delhi with Yenugu Ravinder Reddy on the 30th of last month.

BJP leader Bandi Sanjay said that according to their party rules, any leader should join only after resigning. He clarified that Eatala Rajender will also join his party after resigning as an MLA.

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