EoDB rankings: China: 0, India: 1

World Bank‘s Ease of Doing Business rankings have been in the news this week for a reason. The other day, the WB said that it would be discontinuing the rankings after it was discovered that some Chinese bank officials were exerting pressure to fudge the rankings in favour of China in 2017. A recent study by a US-based body says that China did indulge in irregularities, whereas India didn’t. 

“An independent inquiry shows massive data manipulation by China to hide slippage in the EoDB rankings. The same inquiry shows no irregularities in Indian data,” news reports have said.

The report by WilmerHale also says that India is a preferred, reliable and trustworthy investment destination.

India’s ranking has improved in recent years. “In Ease of Doing Business, India moved from Rank 142 in 2014 to Rank 63, 5 years hence, a solid rise of 79 points, under Modi,” wrote BJP member Sanju Verma.

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