‘Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu’ promo irritates feminists

The latest promo of ‘Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu’ has upset a section of Netizens. A lot of feminists are criticizing the promo for promoting gendered roles in 2021.

In the promo, a young woman says that she wants to become a mother. When the host Jr NTR asks why, she replies that only a mother has the calibre to guide the future generation and not an Engineer or a District Collector. The concept of motherhood and parenting is highlighted in the promo.

Critics are of the view that the promo is nothing but an attempt to glamourize the regressive tradition of relegating women to orthodox roles. By making it seem like mothers are greater than anybody else, feminists say, opinions like the one highlighted in the promo tend to subjugate women. 

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