Fake news about tough days for IT sector goes viral

Social media platforms and the much-used WhatsApp are amplifying the false rumour that IT giants such as TCS, Wipro and Infosys are going to fire three million IT employees in 2022. Naturally, the fake news has resulted in worries about the future of the IT sector.

The good news is that NASSCOM has roundly condemned the falsehood. “The industry has and will continue to be a net creator of jobs & is committed to people-centric innovation, & relentless talent focus,” the industry body said in a statement, giving relief to worried job-seekers.

Arvind Mayaram, the former Finance Secretary with the Government of India, has played a role in spreading the falsehood. A number of commentators have called him out for not verifying the news before amplifying it on his social media accounts.

The outlook for the Indian IT sector is looking bright, not dull.

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