Fake news spreads about 2DG medicine

Hours after Union Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday launched the DRDO’s 2DG medicine for covid-19 patients, there surfaced the fake news that 42% of patients on oxygen who had been administered two sachets of the drug are off oxygen. This excited many Netizens, who started describing it as a wonder drug.

The news is fake. The 42% figure pertains to the third phase of clinical trials and not post-trials data. Real world results are yet to be had.

“Also 42% people on drug showed improvement versus 31% who weren’t on 2DG. Let’s calm down and wait,” a Twitter user said, putting the record straight.

If the drug is really effective on patients suffering from moderate to severe covid-19, it will ease the pressure on the healthcare system in the months to come. This will be known only in June as the real data comes in.

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