Film critics don’t know what Editing means: Top Editor

Acclaimed editor Marthand K Venkatesh has said that he doesn’t care about what film critics say in their reviews. In a recent interview, Venkatesh said that reviewers don’t understand the ABC of editing. 

“In their reviews, they say that the run-time should have been trimmed by 10 minutes. Do they know what goes into deciding on the run-time? A lot of discussions happen between the director and the Editor,” Venkatesh said.

He further added, “The reviewers praise the screenplay and criticize the editing department sometimes. Does it make any sense? Screenplay and editing are interlinked. How can you like one and dislike the other?”

Venkatesh, who shot to fame with films like ‘Toli Prema’, ‘Badri’ and ‘Kushi’, added that he doesn’t respect awards. “Some films that were edited after the theatrical release due to length issues have received awards for Best Editing. I find it laughable,” Venkatesh said. 

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