Film on how PMO secured Abhinandan’s release to be made

When wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman was held captive by Pakistan in February 2019, it became the biggest news in the country. In 60 hours, Pakistan repatriated the IAF soldier to India.

A film on how the Prime Minister’s Office secured his release will be made in Hindi. Vibri Motion Pictures has announced the thriller. Producer Vishnu Prasad Induri, in his latest interview, said that the film will capture everything that transpired at the PMO in those 60 hours.

Varthaman was released by Pakistan on the pretext that Pak PM Imran Khan wanted peace with India. But not many believe his claim to be true. It’s said that Narendra Modi used pressure to make Pak repatriate Varthaman. The film will show the Indian version because the aftermath of the events has shown that Pak didn’t hand over Varthaman because of genuine intentions.

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