Finally, Twitter agrees to the new IT Rules of Central government

Twitter management has finally agreed to the IT policies newly brought in by the central government to regulate social media. Under the new Act, it has said to the Delhi High Court on Monday that a special officer has been appointed on May 28 in the compilation of the Twitter to the government.  Already, several social media and OTT organizations, including Facebook, have agreed to the rule. However, some of these changes have been proposed. However, Twitter ownership has been a bit stubborn in this regard.

The guidelines issued by the central government on February 25, three months before the regulation of social media, came to the fore once again. The three-month deadline given by the Center for its implementation ended on May 25 and later the Central Government stepped in on May 26. It asked to say what action social media has taken to enforce the amended rules. But Facebook, which had been mute until then, had agreed to the Indian government’s new rules. Meanwhile, the Delhi Police’s visit to the Twitter office at the same time became a sensation. Twitter later released a statement saying it was concerned about the safety of its employees and the threat to freedom of speech.

The Center reacted strongly to the statement and called it an attempt of defaming India and to rub its terms on the world’s largest democracy. The Indian government asked Twitter‌ to come straight to the point  and suggested to work in accordance with the laws of this country.  It also recalled Twitter’s carelessness in the past to remove tweets showing Ladakh as part of China.

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