First White fungus case in UP

The first white fungus case has come to light in Uttar Pradesh. The infection was found in a 70-year-old man from Mau who had recovered from the corona. An old man with corona was admitted to a hospital in Delhi in April and has been discharged after recovery. Now, the doctors confirmed that he has a white fungus infection.

Vitreo-retina specialist Dr Kshitij Aditya said the elderly were often given steroids during corona treatment. After that, eye-related problems developed and gradually lost his eyesight. The victim was diagnosed with an eye infection (endogenous fungal endophthalmitis) through blood when examined. A subsequent vitreous biopsy confirmed a white fungus infection.

Dr. Kshitij Aditya advised people with diabetes, especially those taking steroids, to visit an ophthalmologist immediately, especially retina specialists, if their vision slows down after recovering from corona treatment. Experts say that people with diabetes and low immunity are more likely to get infected with white fungus.

Also, those who take high doses of steroids during coronavirus treatment are at high risk. It easily infects the eyes, lungs, brain, nails, skin, kidneys etc.,

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