G7 meet: India vehemently opposes vaccine passports!

India rallies against vaccine passports. The idea is discriminatory and people in developed countries will suffer as a result. Union Health Minister Harshavardhan, who represented India at the G7 health ministers’ meeting, strongly opposed the proposal for vaccine passports.
 “The percentage of people who have been vaccinated is very low in developing countries. Therefore, if vaccine passports are brought, it will show serious discrimination against these countries, “the minister said. He also suggested increasing production so that justice could be done to all countries in terms of vaccine availability.
 Harshavardhan urged the G7 countries to utilize India’s capabilities to increase vaccine production. “Under the current circumstances, there is an urgent need to increase corona vaccine production. About 60 per cent of the world’s vaccines are produced in India. The country has a lot of experience and expertise in vaccine preparation. India can help the world a lot to increase vaccine production, ”the minister said.

On this occasion, the Minister mentioned the reforms being carried out in the World Health Organization. He made it clear that India fully supports these reforms.

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