Get ready for 50-seater theatres in cities

At a time when the exhibition sector is in dire straits across the world because of the pandemic, producer D Suresh Babu has predicted that major cities in India are going to witness the sprouting of mini theatres in housing societies/residential complexes.

In his latest interview, the producer said that small screenings with a maximum of 50 seats will come into existence within a few years. This will be like a drive-in theatre for a few practical purposes.

But how far this is feasible is a moot question for now. If the pandemic comes to an end before 2023 and people overcome the fear of visiting multiplexes, the creation of mini theatres might be slow-paced.

D Suresh Babu also said that only high-quality theatres will survive a few years from now. Single screens with poor seating, lousy sound system, etc will vanish.

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