Good news for Tollywood, US theatres will open with 100% occupancy

After more than a year, in the US, theatres will be opened without any restrictions. So far only 30% occupancy has been allowed in the US. This has affected Telugu movies as well as International films.

In the US, Tollywood has a very good market when compared to other Indian film industries. As per the latest reports, US theatres will open with 100% occupancy from the beginning of July. It was a pretty good sign for Telugu films and International films.

 Tollywood is planning to release its films in July. Meanwhile, a team led by Megastar Chiranjeevi will meet AP CM YS Jagan and discuss pricing issues. Depending on the outcome, new films will be released in both the Telugu states.

It was known that the Telangana government  has already  given permission to  release films.

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