Great reports are pouring in for Simbu’s Maanaadu

The suspense over Maanaadu release due to financial issues has been solved last minute, yesterday. Today, the film has released all over Tamil Nadu. It is also releasing in Telugu as The Loop.

The film has started its box office with great reviews. Each and every critic has been lauding this film is a perfect comeback for STR. The Kollywood star didn’t score a success for the past few years.

This time, with Venkat Prabhu’s Maanaadu, he is back with a bang. The Loop tamil version has been given more than three stars by critics. The performance of SJ Surya and STR has been hugely accoladed followed by directed Venkat Prabhu’s brilliant writing and execution.

For Maanaadu, editing and background score are the major assets of the movie. STR fans have been started celebrations across Tamil Nadu.

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