Growing ‘sycophancy’ in BJP worries observers

The BJP has of late been accused of promoting a culture of sycophancy in a never-seen-before fashion. The same has started worrying large sections of BJP supporters on social media. 

The other day, it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday and a lot of Ministers were “fawning” in their praise of the PM. As per political commentator Minhaz Merchant, even the TV programming around Modi’s birthday was cringeworthy. “Newspaper op-eds and speeches by BJP ministers have set new landmarks in sycophancy. The PM should beware of those who only praise him. Good leaders welcome constructive criticism. It’s a strength not a weakness,” the columnist wrote.

The media has been criticized by many in this context. Writing in Indian Express, columnist Tavleen Singh said, “In their obeisance to Narendra Modi on his 71st birthday, major Indian private news channels now sound like state-owned Doordarshan of yore. The prime minister approves of this genuflection and sycophancy, or it would not happen.”

The other day, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy opined that the BJP must not be infected with Congress-style sycophancy. “Modi is the PM because of the party and support of parivar organisation which man the booths in an election and campaign door to door,” he added. 

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