Guardian article says Central Vista Project is Hindu Taliban-esque

The Western media has been antithetical to the Narendra Modi government’s Central Vista Project. The Guardian has, going many steps further, published an article by British Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor, who wrote that the bulldozing of the Parliament shows Narendra Modi as the architect of the Hindu Taliban. 

The article has come in for sharp criticism from sections of commentators. Columnist Makarand R Paranjape called it shockingly uninformed bilge. He added, “No building earmarked for demolition is a heritage structure or of Islamic origin.” The author further said that the article is false, libelous and stupid. 

Activist Sonam Mahajan commented, “Does Anish Kapoor understand the difference between upgradation and desecration? Going by his inane “Hindu Taliban” logic, Hindus should stop renovating their homes too especially if they were built during the colonial times.” 

Anti-Modi columnist Kapil Komireddi opined that Anish Kapoor’s column is a piece of drivel. “His unlettered, error-laden draft—arguing that Modi is tearing down Lutyens’ Delhi because it apparently pays architectural tribute to India’s Muslim rulers—was clearly never subjected to checking by the Guardian’s star-struck editors,” he tweeted despite being a critic of the Central Vista. 

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