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Quality Health Care at Hosmat Hospital, Excellence with a human touch

It is a virtual 24X7 quality Health care for the patients in the Hosmat Hospital, located in downtown Bengaluru and is within a walking distance to MG Road and Brigade road, And our 2nd branch located  at No 1 Hennur Road, Between Hebbal and Krishna Raja Puram, Bengaluru. The hospital is the first Comprehensive Tertiary Care Hospital in INDIA specializing and bestowed with 27 years outstanding work in Orthopaedics, Accident-Trauma care, (Arthroscopy & ACL surgeries) Sports medicine, Arthritis, and Neurosciences. Second Opinions Welcome after Knew Replacement Surgery. The hospital after being awarded the prestigious NABH accreditation has now diversified into a Multispecialty hospital while still retaining its Brand image and focus on orthopedics and its related subspecialties and we have been declared city No 1 hospital in Bengaluru by TIMES OF INDIA. We are committed to delivering world-class health care technologies through continental quality improvements in our endeavor to full fill the task, and also committed to meet environmental needs.  We have a separate section for international patients

Since 1993 HOSMAT was the First Hospital to provide HOMECARE Service for Physiotherapy, Nursing, Personal Care Assistance, Laboratory, X Rays& Medical Services with the convenient Homecare at Home. We serve as the most comprehensive, affordable, and dependable health care institution to the community Our Five pillars are Clinical Efficiency, Unmatched Quality, Sincere Service, Dedicated People, Affordable Price. We are Opening Soon our 3rd  new HOSMAT Hospital at ” Sadashiva Nagar” 18, Ballary Road, Opposite to Wedding Pavilion at Palace Ground Gate No 5.

HOSMAT Hospital was started by Dr.Thomas A Chandy, the chief of Orthopaedics & Joint replacement center Dr. Chandy is a U.S Board-certified orthopedic surgeon, who completed his post-graduate residency in New York, followed by 2 fellowship training programs at the University of Oklahoma. He practiced in the U.S for 17 years and returned, and is one of the first U.S Board-certified orthopedic surgeon to practice in India.


United Hospital – Changing the Face of Trauma and Critical Care in Kalaburagi

All medical students start their long and arduous journey after graduation by working for the already-established healthcare facilities. They normally desire to work with bigger hospitals to get better exposure and then, after acquiring the required knowledge and experience, open a small nursing home or clinic of their own. Slowly, over a decade, they would expand their facilities into larger set-ups and eventually be able to establish and run a hospital of their own.

The Lone Walker

For Dr. Vikram Siddareddy, a trauma and general surgeon from Kalaburagi, this wasn’t the way to go. His out-of-box thinking and the people-friendly approach led him to the untrodden path to lead the way.
 His medical education and initial days of working with big hospitals gave him a better exposure to the world and an objective understanding of ground realities in terms of healthcare services in India. He did not take much time to notice the grown-up healthcare infrastructure in megacities to cater the growing demands of the citizens and the under-developed healthcare facilities in tier-2 and tier-3 cities despite the huge demand. He also especially found a huge gap between what patients required and what they actually got when it came to accident and trauma care.  

The pathetic scenario of the gigantic gap between the demand and supply prompted him to shift back to Kalaburagi and ease the pain of his own people who were suffering on a daily basis. His professional career was just taking off when he took a huge risk of directly attempting to establish an integrated hospital with world-class equipment and dedicated workforce.

Dr. Vikram understood the importance of building an efficient team which was a very critical factor in the success of an accident-trauma & critical care hospital. Supported unequivocally by like-minded friends and colleagues, he could finally realise his dream of setting up a top-notch healthcare infrastructure with a special focus on accident trauma and critical care – the area that remained unattended despite the huge demand in the region. The main purpose of building a full-scale hospital was to add value to society as well as to the medical profession by making a win-win situation for the stakeholders – the service provider and the service seeker.

Trust – the Foundation of United Hospital

In the medical profession, trust is a fickle factor that takes time to develop in the minds and hearts of people. Dr. Vikram threw himself wholeheartedly into winning the trust of his townsfolk. His hard work and dedication did not go in vain. Good words about the United Hospital began to spread in and around Kalaburagi within a short span of time after he established the hospital. The message was loud and clear: There is a young doctor who doesn’t turn away a single accident case, however critical the case may be, and assures best-possible treatment to his patients. Supported by the entire team that he built and led over a period, he personally attended each case and ensured that every patient got quality treatment. His dedication, coupled with his team’s hard work, expectedly showed the best results. Even such patients who were not expected to survive could miraculously recover thanks largely to the meticulous planning and perfect execution of complex surgeries by the dedicated and hardworking team that Dr. Vikram had hand-picked and led.

Dr. Vikram’s approach of the ‘Treatment First’ policy made a huge impact on the lives of thousands of unprivileged people across social segments. He ensured that his hospital immediately admitted and offered quality treatment to all the accident or trauma victims irrespective of their paying power and even in the absence of patients’ relatives and care-takers on the scene. At the United Hospital led by Dr. Vikram, the treatment has always been on top priority and the other considerations including financial matters come later. The consistently-practised approach has resulted in saving many precious lives and earned a reputation of a patient-centric service for the Unite Hospital.  

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A leading optical chain in Hyderabad was founded by K.S. Reddy in 2003 with a experience of over 25 years as an optometrist. He opened the first showroom in Banjara Hills with an expansion of 6 branches including one in Pune and Laser Hospital in less than 6 years.

Now we are proud to have the second generation entering the profession which allows us to have understanding of both the older and the younger generation and keep upto date with the new opthalmic technology and current fashion

Give a helping hand

We all know it’s the vision that makes the beautiful world it is. Some of use ore blessed with good vision and some need assistance of spectacles to experience the good vision.

Unfortunately there are people around us who need the help of spectacles and cannot afford it. Come help us to help those in need.

If you know someone who can do with some assistance bring them in. By you paying 50% of the cost of the glasses and we KSR EYE CARE will bear the other 50%. We can help someone to see better.

Come lets join hands to help someone to see this beautiful world Just like we do.

Mobile Eye testing Refraction Facility

One special need and request for disabled people we do offer mobile eye testing, refraction and dispensing facilities by our optometrist team. In addition to this we do eye camps in Schools, IT Companies & Villages.

Laser vision Eye Hospital

Dr. Hemanth Shetty
Dr. Karunakar Reddy C
Dr. Madhukar Reddy K
Dr. Murali Krishnamachary A
Dr. Nandkishore K.B.
Dr. Pradeep Swarup
Dr. Rajesh Agarwal
Dr. Ramana Rao V.V.
Dr. Ravi Prasad Challa
Dr. Rishi Swaroop
Dr. Satyanarayana Rao M.
Dr. SK Mittal
Dr. Vasudeva Reddy S.

Thought of waking up in the morning without glasses

Yes its possible in our laser centre. In Laser Vision Hospital we provide the correction of Refractive errors using the latest technology to perform state of the art LASIK surgery performed by our team of leading ophthalmologists.

LASIK surgery is one of the safest surgeries performed on the body with minimal pain.

Low Vision Clinic & C3R Procedure

In addition to Lasik, in our Laser Vision Eye Hospital we provide the facility of Corneal Collagen Cross Linking (C3R) for keratokonus patients. We also provide tailor made Rose ‘K’ lenses for both keratokonus and irregular astigmatism. Optical Low Vision and such as prisms, Aspheric Lenses, Microscopic Spects, Super High index Lenses, Magnifiers and Telescopic Lenses are also available.

SRIKARA  Ortho & Multi Speciality Hospitals stands for the influx of  quality, expertise, technical edge, international standards,  compassionate and affordable care, forming the perfect team of qualities  that a hospital can offer.

Located at the heart of Secunderabad opposite to Railway Reservation  counter, but in the calm, serene surrounding, greenery and open space on  three sides.
 Srikara Hospitals
The SRIKARA Ortho & Multi Speciality Hospitals a unit of  Venkateswara Ortho Health Care Pvt. Ltd. specialised in Spine,  Rheumatology, Ilizarov fixation, Knee Replacements, Arthroscopy  reconstruction, Rehabilitation & Sports medicine, Accidents and all  medical & Surgical Specialities, run by a team of experienced and  visionary doctors.

Within 7 years of span, we have done more than 15000 Joint  Replacements giving the best in Arthroscopy Trauma and spine surgeries  endowed to the best of the patient care and services.

Emergency services provided by our team supplied by the department of  cardiology, the department of plastic surgery and the Neuro team. The  i-SUITE operation theatre is first in the state with four state of the  art integrated modular operating room especially for joint replacements  and high-end surgeries

Srikara Hospitals is a 1000 bedded facility, split into 6 units  across Hyderabad in Telangana and Vijayawada the capital city of Andhra  Pradesh. The 8 units (Secunderabad, Miyapur, LB Nagar, ECIL, Kompally,  Vijayawada, Tanuku) in Hyderabad are strategically located at the two  entry points of the twin cities and at the heart of the city, at  Secunderabad. Venkateshwara Ortho Healthcare Pvt Ltd was promoted in  2013 by Dr.Akhil Dadi, a member of renowned World Orthopaedic Concern  and Indo German Orthopaedic Foundation, with an aim of creating a World  Class facility in the field of Orthopaedics, especially Joint  Replacement & Spine Surgery; under which umbrella the brand ‘Srikara Hospitals’ has now blossomed into a 1000 bedded facility.

 SRIKARA has set up a special cell for patients from overseas seeking  treatment at its facilities. Now, it is looking forward to extending its  surgical skills in different parts of the nation and the globe by the  way of association with hospitals and institutes having similar kind of  dedication and zeal towards ‘PATIENT CARE’. 

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