Haryana government sets up India’s first foodgrain ATM

To end the woes of waiting in long queues, the Haryana state government has come up with an innovative setup. It has planned to establish foodgrain ATMs across the state.

As a part of this initiative, it has started a first-ever foodgrain ATM in India as a pilot project in Gurugram. It dispenses 70kg of grains in 5-7 minutes. It is a big relief for the consumers to wait in long queues for ration at depots.

To get the government allocated ration(wheat, millet or rice), a consumer needs to enter the Aadhar or Ration card number. The Foodgrain ATM has a touchscreen with biometry. On the screen, the consumer has to choose rice or wheat. If you want wheat, click on ‘Refill wheat’ and also click on ‘Abort Rice’ if the previous consumer has already refilled his/her bag with rice.

Speaking to the ANI, “All complaints regarding long queues, time and accurate measurement of ration from government shops will be resolved. The beneficiaries can use ration cards or fingerprints to use it,” says Food Inspector Sube Singh.

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