He eyes on Vakeel Saab 2

With love, Pawan Kalyan fans have named director Venu Sriram as ‘Mass God’ after they’ve witnessed their demigod’s vintage attitude in the film, ‘Vakeel Saab’.  They didn’t stop with that and they celebrated his birthday with ‘HBDMassGodVenuSriram’ by putting this tag in nationwide top trends.

Coming to the main point, Venu Sriram who is an ardent fan of Pawan Kalyan is keen to do Vakeel Saab 2 with his demigod. The director who values women very much has included two wonderful songs, one to depict their greatness and the other one is a motivational one.

If he prepares Vakeel Saab 2 story, that would definitely be another wonderful film for the women which discuss more serious problems facing them in the society. The director Venu Sriram confirms to do Vakeel Saab 2 speaking to NTV Entertainment.

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