Hema hits out at senior Naresh, says funds are drying up

Artist Hema on Saturday said that VK Naresh’s tenure as the President of MAA has seen the pool of funds owned by the body drying up. She said that three-fourths of Rs 5 Cr has been spent by Naresh on providing medical insurance and meeting other expenses from the MAA’s funds.

As per Hema, who is one of the aspirants for the top post, the expenses should have been financed by seeking funds from donors. “Under the previous Presidents, the practice used to be to collect funds from others. MAA was not spending funds from its corpus. That has changed under Naresh,” Hema said.

She added that the remaining Rs 2 Cr will also be spent on meeting the expenses if Naresh continues to hold the office. “And MAA will be penniless after a year,” Hema argued.

Hema alleged that Naresh doesn’t want the MAA elections to be held anytime soon. 

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