Here is the complete list of Afghanistan new cabinet ministers and PM !

The Taliban have completely occupied Afghanistan with the fall of resistance forces(NRF) in Punjshir. In this fight, Pakistan military forces have said to be supported the Taliban as per Fox Nation.

A new Taliban government is all set to form in Afghanistan. Earlier, the Taliban said to form an inclusive government in the country.  But in the cabinet, there is no place for women.

In the newly formed Taliban cabinet, 17 of the 33 members are on the UN sanction list. This includes their interim PM,  two Deputy PMs, Interior, Defense and Foreign Affairs Ministers.  And many of them have a bounty on their heads.

The Taliban has invited six countries to attend the ceremony for the announcement of the new government in Afghanistan including China, Russia, Pakistan, Qatar, Iran, and Turkey.

Taliban PM and list of ministers..Afghanistan new government…

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