Here is Why Tuck Jagadish producers thanked Nani..!

After the news of Natural Star Nani’s Tuck Jagadish has opted for a direct OTT release, the exhibitors in Telangana including Love Story producer have warned and requested to postpone the release.

Later, Telangana exhibitors have released a statement confessing an apology to Nani for the harsh comments and also averred that their intention was not to hurt anyone but for the betterment of the trade.

Today, Tuck Jagadish producers have released a statement about how they’ve convinced Nani to release their film and the hardships that they’ve been facing since the Covid-19 second wave. They also mentioned that the Tuck Jagadish shooting was completed in December and it was difficult to safeguard the content these days.

Shine Screens thanked Natural star Nani and the director for understanding the problems of theirs and for the consent to OTT release despite he did not like the decision.

Soon, the producers will fix the date for Tuck Jagadish’s OTT release.

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