‘High command culture’ may ruin BJP: Analysts

Of late, the BJP has been accused of imposing a Congress-style high command culture on mass leaders such as BS Yediyurappa and Yogi Adityanath. There is a feeling that “churning” is taking place in Karnataka BJP in particular because Narendra Modi and Amit Shah want their writ to be supreme. 

As per some analysts, the BJP high command is not listening to a lot of state leaders these days. A Scroll article indicates that some Karnataka BJP leaders want the PM-Home Minister duo to suppress BSY’s voice and replace him. The same has been said to be the case in Uttar Pradesh, where several BJP MLAs and MPs have conveyed their dissatisfaction with Yogi Adityanath. But Modi and Shah being against Yogi has turned out to be a falsehood, as events that unfolded last week showed.

But the biggest disaster is unfolding in West Bengal and the analysts are blaming the Modi-Shah duo for it. After BJP’s defeat in recent elections, Mukul Roy has rejoined the TMC. Due to the high command culture ruling the roost in the saffron party, the exodus of at least 23 MLAs is said to be on cards. 

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