High Court orders Telangana government to put Dalit Bandhu G.O. on the website

On Wednesday, the High court was heard arguments over the petition filed against the implementation of the Dalit Bandhu scheme in Vasalamarri. The Voice of People organisation has filed a petition against a Dalit Bandhu scheme in the High Court.

The petitioner brought to the notice of the court that the funds were released without finalizing the terms of the scheme. The Advocate General told the apex court that the terms had been finalized and the Dalit Bandhu Scheme applies to all Dalit families.

The Counsel for the petitioner stated that the terms related to the G.O. were not on the website. The High Court questioned the advocate general what is the trouble in making G.O. available to the people.  After recording the Advocate General’s explanation, the High Court ordered the government to put all the G.O.s on the website within 24 hours.

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