High Court outraged at AP Election Commissioner

AP High court which cancelled ZPTC and MPTC election notification has outraged at Election commissioner. The AP High Court said the Election Commission had applied the Supreme Court judgment as they wished. The High Court ruled that it was unacceptable to interpret the SC judgment in accord with their will as failing to read and understand. The Supreme Court clearly stated in the judgment to give four weeks.

The High Court said that even a common man who can read, write and understand the English language can understand the judgment of the Supreme Court. But it was surprising to see the AP Election Commissioner, who had previously served as the Chief Secretary to the Government, had failed to understand the Supreme Court verdict in the right light.  

At such a juncture, the court said that it would have to doubt the eligibility of the state election commissioner.  The apex court was incensed that she had acted contrary to the judgment of the Supreme Court, as soon as she took office, she was issued an election notification. The High Court questioned how the counting could be held on April 10, giving notice of the election on April 1, contrary to the Supreme Court judgment. The AP High Court held that this was completely contrary to the principles of democracy and with such actions the democratic values in the state would fall.

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