High Court trial on corona conditions in AP

The High Court held an inquiry into the corona conditions in the AP.
The AP High Court has questioned the government on what action it has taken against the black fungus medicine black market. 

The AP government has revealed that it has deployed flying squads. It said the center was not supplying enough injections. The government revealed that only 13,000 injections were given to 1,400 patients. The government has said that each patient should be given 3 injections per day for 15 days. It also disclosed that 50,000 injections were needed for black fungus patients. 

The central government appointed public prosecutor said the government was prepared to buy black fungus vaccines and medicines from private pharma companies. ‘Why can’t black fungus injections be supplied to meet AP needs? On what basis are the states being supplied? The AP High Court has directed that the central government should reply by noon.

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