Hindu traditionalists explain why Kanyadaan is ‘not s*xist’

The Manyaavar ad, featuring Alia Bhatt, has triggered a debate about the practice of Kanyadaan that is integral to the Hindu culture. While the ad has portrayed the practice as inherently s*xist, Hindu traditionalists are hitting out at the misunderstanding.

Explaining the etymology of the word ‘Daana’, Johnny Silverhand (a Twitter user with a pseudonym) says that Daana doesn’t mean ‘gifting’ but something like ‘donation’. “Like Daana, the bride’s family (or anyone who is performing the marriage) first ascertains the eligibility of the groom by looking at his vamsam and his qualities.  Similar to Daana, Kanyadana is also a Vaidika kriya,” he adds. 

Several Netizens see the ad as an assault on the Hindu belief system. A Twitter user named Anima Singh wrote, “Kanyadaan means Gotra Daan. Marriage through Hindu rituals, a girl accepts the Gotra of husband and her child gets the name of the father. If someone has a problem, they can register marriage through the Special Marriages Act. Why this desperate effort to mock Hindu rituals?”

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