I have never had such an experience in my 25 years of political life: Eatala

Eatala Rajender commented that all this was happening to ruin his political career with a definite plan. He said the allegations of land grabbing were made with a strategy. Mr Eatala said he was focused entirely on corona control if all leaders were involved in the election. That’s why he said he had no idea what was going on. He said he had never had such an experience in his 25-year political career.

He said that someone is intentionally trying to malign and destroy his political career, which was awful.  

“People knew that conspiracy theories and conspiracy has spun against me”. said Telangana Minister. Mr Eatala said that he has stood tall as a flawless man in 25 years of his political history. He said he would not make personal criticisms of anyone.

Replying to the media about contacting CM KCR, he said that he wouldn’t contact anyone along with KCR. He said he would discuss with the people of his constituency, fans, and followers and announce the future course of action. 

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