I have no girlfriend: Neeraj Chopra

Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra has been the toast of the nation. Millions of people today see him as one of the greatest living legends. In his latest interview, the athlete was asked about whether he has a girlfriend. Chopra, who was recently feted with Rs 6 Cr and other benefits by the Haryana government, answered the question.
“I have no girlfriend. My only focus is my sport currently,” Chopra said. When the interviewer asked him why he can’t have a girlfriend and also see his sport as his biggest passion, the Olympian said that he doesn’t want to think anything beyond the sport.

At a time when there is a talk that a biopic would be made on his life in Hindi, Chopra opined that it can wait. He added that he is still playing and that he believes there are many other stories to be told. In 2018, however, Chopra had picked Akshay Kumar or Randeep Hooda to play him if a biopic were to be made on him.

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