I might leave India if this harassmement continues: KRK

Controversial film critic Kamaal R Khan today said that he might consider exiling himself from India if the “harassment” by Bollywood continues. The reviewer recently received a legal notice from Salman Khan’s lawyer for putting out defamatory vidoes in the past. KRK tried to project it as a backlash to his ‘Radhe’ review. 

“Bollywood people must understand that they can stop me through a court only if I want to visit India. Once I leave India permanently, no law can stop me from reviewing films,” KRK said. 

He added that he was very near to stopping reviewing films. “I have gone far forever because I don’t have age to struggle more. The way Bollywood people are harassing me, I might leave India forever like MF Hussain. So that I don’t need to face any case (sic),” KRK tweeted. 

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