I want to work hard like heroines: Sivakarthikeyan

Tamil actor Sivakarthikeyan was in Hyderabad to promote his upcoming movie, ‘Varun Doctor’. The actor almost confirmed that he would be doing a straight Telugu film soon. 

“The producers themselves are going to announce the project. When the director approached me with the script, I was impressed with his confidence in me. So, I have okayed the project,” the ‘Remo’ actor said.

But is he not worried about language issues? “I am able to speak some Telugu already. I am learning the language every day. Next time when I am in Hyderabad, I will be able to speak even better. I am inspired by the actresses who juggle different cities when they are doing movies in multiple languages. They read the particular language, understand the meaning and speak the lines,” Sivakarthikeyan said.

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